Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Flight

Just this week I got to experience my first non-airplane free flight in a paraglider.

What amazes me about this paraglider contraption is that it utilizes the same technology (fabric and ropes) that was around 400 years ago. Technically, Leonardo da Vinci, one of the early champions of the thought of human flight, had everything he needed to fly. He was never able to. But the flight issue just needed some time and some other thinkers to give their input to solving the problem.

With an inflated wing overhead, a daring jump off a cliff or a 3 minute tow behind a slow moving truck lofts you high enough to fly for 10 minutes, or for the really good guys, up to hours.

I hear people talk about the world's problems and how things are going to crash and burn. Maybe. But take our energy crisis. For some of the smartest da Vincis of our day, it looks impossible. But I think with time and other inputs, we will some day be pouring water in our gas tanks.

Don't worry mom, it's statistically safer than a morning commute to work.