Friday, February 19, 2010

A Dance with Johnny Cash and memories of Ellie

Today is Ellie Willaert's one year 'birthday' in heaven. Great for her, but for the rest of us, not so much.

Ever feel frustrated with knowing how to help someone like Ellie's family who is still feeling the loss?

Ellie's mom posted this today and I think she is on to something brilliant.

Me? I'm going to listen to Johnny Cash and dance with my daughters and thank God for Ellie's life.

I'd love to hear how you are going to honor Ellie's memory today.

Many have asked what they can do to help us today. A very tough question and one that I really don't have an answer for. I think for me it would warm my heart to know that you all remember Ellie and what she brought to this world. We love to read of your memories of Ellie, so if you feel inclined, please share with us today. I thought I would list a few things that Ellie loved to do and maybe they will spark your imagination today - Enjoy.

Wear a splash of yellow today if you like or light a candle in Ellie's honor.

Enjoy a brownie or root beer float and love every minute of it with no guilt!

Read a book with your kids or play school and don't forget to let your little one be the teacher!

Dress your daughter's American Girl doll or play baseball with your son.

Go sledding or build a snowman.

Call your grandma or grandpa and laugh with them on the phone.

Color, color, color!

Enjoy a raised glazed donut with one of your uncles.

Dust off that scrapbook and make a page with your kids.

Pull out your Bible and read the story of Noah; one of Ellie's faves.

Put your dancing shoes on and listen to Johnny Cash, Hannah Montana or Nickleback.

Pray for someone.

Got to Hobby Lobby or some other craft store and just have fun looking all all the cool stuff you can make with your hands!

Go ice skating.

Break out the water colors or acrylics and paint, paint, paint!

Grab your camera and take pictures until you run out of memory!

Go and visit one of your aunties and give her a big hug and smile.

Play barbies with your little sister even though you would rather be playing with trains!

Build a fort in the living room, complete with falshlights and tunnels.

Go swimming and have water gun fights.

Make your baby brother and baby cousins giggle and smile.

Plant some flowers, preferrably yellow! wink, wink!

Make a gift for someone and hand deliver it with a big smile.

Get a treat from your local gas station!

Sing, sing, sing!

I could go one and on.....

Whatever you choose to do today, do it with happiness and joy and go all out! These times are hard for many of us; so many are in tough situtations and it can be hard to find the sunshine. Enjoy yourself and your family and while you take in that very special moment, let it burn in your memory and heart so it stays there forever.