Thursday, October 8, 2009

What my wife doesn't want you to know...

We have a winner. Dennis Crider, from Clevaland, OH, gave the best and most oppulant suggestions for a family reunion location. We have a meeting of the minds tomorrow and will put all of the great suggestions to good use. Thank you!

What did Dennis win?

Last week, while unpacking boxes fresh from the move, I ran across a dirty little secret my wife has been keeping from me all these years. I found a treasure-trove of shot glasses. How did these get into our house? Did we accidently pick up a box from a neighboring storage unit in the move?

My wife confessed to a childhood obsession with them. It's funny, I don't think she has been to a party or even knew what they were. I'm pretty sure she has never even used a shot glass in her whole life...but she has a collection of them. But I'm really thankful she did because decades later, I have something really cool to give to Dennis. I'm sure he is thrilled.

I have a few more of these bad boys, so holler if you need to add to your collection.