Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Moses

You could have shown me these photos a year ago and I would have punched you in the throat for suggesting it would come to this. I never would have imagined we would backslide to become a Dog Family.

Everyone knows a family falls into one of two categories. You either love dogs or don't get them. We were the latter and we loved mocking Dog-people behind their backs.

Sure, we would nod in interest at their dog story, but when they turned their head, we would chortle a laugh in our shirt sleeve. Oh the satisfaction of clucking your tongue in disgust when a human had to touch one of these filthy four-legged creatures.

But that has all changed. Non-Dog people, get ready to mock.

We got Moses as a pup a year ago to give the kids a distraction as we transitioned to a new culture, house, and friends in Mexico. It worked. Problem is, he stuck and now we love him.

He is the best-behaved, most docile, lovable, gentle, and obedient dog we have ever known. And he is ours!

Happy Birthday Moses! In just one year, you've won the hearts of some pretty stiff critics.

(Did I hear some tongue clucking?)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dads Don't Do Tights

I tried tonight, like any good dad, to relate and be cool with my daughter Ellie. I replicated, in my mind, one of her dance moves she gracefully pulled off at her recent dance recital. She nodded at me with an affirming laugh and appreciateive eyes that said, "I still love you, Dad."

It wasn't until tonight, when I saw her photo, that I realized she is truly gifted. The gesture of her hand...the gentle leading of her index finger and the delicate curving of the middle finger that is paying tribute to the other fingers, is amazing.

I don't know if this hand gesture has a ballet name or not, but I do know that you have to be gifted for it. I tried it and only could come up with a gang symbol.

I sure am proud of this girl. She danced a solo in the spotlight before several hundred people and I was not only proud, but very impressed. Amazing!

At her age, I was still scheming so that I could become the guy who drove the ice-cream truck when I grew up!

Dear Mr. License Plate Maker Man

Dear Minnesota License Plate Maker Man,

Thank you for all your hard work in making the license plates for all the motorists of Minnesota.

I was informed with a hearty laugh at the local motorcycle dealer when I inquired about the odd size of my new Minnesota plate. Minnesota is the only state to have an odd size license plate.

You ought to know people are poking fun at your odd plate size and mixing your name in with other words when they have to drill out holes to make the plates fit the standard bracket size.

Yeah, yeah, it's creative of you, and we appreciate it, but still, something for you to think about.

With kindest regards.
p.s. I heard your license plate maker buddy in Ohio taunting his plate design being superior to yours. Are you going to take that?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cell phone tells all

I have kids. Four of them.

The rule is they can't use my phone because it is a business phone.

I found these photos on my phone today.

Somebody is going to bed without ice-cream tonight.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring is in the hair!

Houston, we have peach fuzz!

Von is officially through the really rough part of the treatment program. It's only been 6 months, and even though we still have three years to go, we're feeling just grand about graduating into the maintenance stage.

It means we can travel a bit more as a family, enjoy some crowds and outdoor activities, have fewer weekly hospital visits, and as an added bonus, Von is growing hair. No more stares or commentaries on his appearances from other little kids in the cereal isle.

If you were needing a haircut and putting it off, consider a celebratory haircut in Von's honor, now that he will be growing some of his own.